Pediatric Ward at Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital and the Sullivan Center of Excellence for Pediatric AIDS and TB Care
Children awaiting follow-up appointments at the Sullivan Center which provides outpatient care to more than 400 HIV-positive children.

In August of 2009, CHC opened the Joseph P. Sullivan Outpatient Center of Excellence for TB and AIDS Care of Children at the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital (KSFH), Phnom Penh's largest public hospital. Outpatient care is provided for more than 500 HIV-positive children, and an accompanying renovation of the pediatric ward has enhanced services for all children at the hospital.

The Sullivan Outpatient Center provides children with the best possible local, sustainable, and integrated outpatient care and treatment with a special focus on children with HIV and TB. The renovated inpatient ward houses 20 beds, contains isolation rooms for children with infectious TB, staff rooms, and neonatal and intensive care facilities consistent with local standards of care.

The outpatient facilities provide general pediatric outpatient care with a focus on HIV-infected children. Approximately 400 HIV-positive children under the age of 18 receive their routine and ongoing primary HIV care and medicines at the center. An average of 30 HIV-positive children are evaluated daily at the center.

A 9 year old HIV+ boy living with his grandmother in a nearby province waiting for evaluation at the Sullivan Center where he had recently been started on therapy for TB and HIV infections by the CHC team.

A unique feature of the program is its linkage with the CHC's Maddox Chivan Children's Center, which provides HIV counselors and social workers to assist with counseling of children and their families and follows up on difficult social situations including provision of food and educational opportunities at the Maddox Chivan Children's Center.